Meal at Work

Meal at Work brings coworkers together to share a simple and delicious meal over meaningful questions and topics that are relevant to work culture today.

After the pilot on November 2017, we’re currently building a new website.

We’re looking for people who value human connection, good food, and positive work environments. People like you.

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The story behind Meal at Work

Food is the fuel that powers productivity.

Roughly half of American adults eat quick lunches by themselves at work. 62% of professionals eat at their desks, a phenomenon that social scientists have begun calling “desktop dining” (NYT, 2016). A quarter of those who do, do it to catch-up on emails or social media. Between meal occasions, like snacking, are typically also solo.

There are about 5.1 million estimated number of vending machines in the United States stocked up with junk food and bad coffee, with figures as high in other countries.

While there might be a health benefit to eat solo (like smaller portions of food), workplace satisfaction and engagement is much higher in those workplaces where people eat healthy and nourishing food with their colleagues, not to mention the return in productivity and reduction of sick days and chronic diseases.

With Meal at Work we’re on a mission to make delicious food and conviviality the norm for every organization and inspire positive change across workplaces.

Who is Meal at Work For?

For curious, enthusiastic, collaborative people who want to lead the change and develop modern, inclusive, people-centered work environments.

How Can you Join Us

Become an official host and host a lunch in your workplace.

Partner with us to host an incredible event. We love creating and curating events with communities, nonprofits, and events.

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Meal at Work is a project by WE Factory, a social research and food design agency founded by Veronica Fossa working globally and often remote.

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